Should you join our Leadership Team?

As November begins, it’s the time that CKUGA starts looking towards the next semester. Our Leadership Team application for next semester went up on our website a few days ago. This spring we’ll have over 30 spots to apply for. Whether you’ve been volunteering with CKUGA since your freshman year or you have just started this semester, we hope you check out the easy-to-fill application. Below, our student president, James, answers some FAQ about our Leadership Team and the application process.

Campus Kitchens Project? What’s that?

You are probably familiar with The Campus Kitchen at UGA, but did you know that we are a part of a national network of over sixty chapters at different universities and colleges? Each Campus Kitchen’s mission and operations, while similar, is custom-fit to each university to ensure each program plays off the strengths and needs of each community. As a result, CKUGA has a great collection of resources from the national Campus Kitchens Project and from each local chapter to pull from when considering our operations.

What is a Shift Captain? What makes them different from volunteers?

Our Shift Captains are the backbone of our organization. Each captain is trained to CKUGA’s standard. You’ll work in a team to lead a group of your peers through a shift each week, ensuring they have the necessary instruction to complete the shift efficiently, following food safety standards. You can click here to find a more full description.

What can I expect to learn as part of the LT?

As a Shift Captain, you would gain experience in volunteer management and communication skills. Most shifts will also teach you about food safety through a ServSafe training and certification. Others can teach you skills in logistics, in the garden, or in the kitchen.

Will this help in my professional development?

Of course! Not only will you gain practical experience in the things listed above, Campus Kitchen provides resources to further its LT’s education through guest speakers at its meetings and opportunities to travel and attend workshops. The greatest thing is that it all depends on interest of our Leadership Team. As a Shift Captain you will be able to give input into what you would like to see discussed at our monthly meetings. Some past examples include a resume workshop and a trip to the Health Center Kitchen (although this latter one might lean more to the side of personal development). Last but not least, a Food Handler’s ServSafe licensing test is administered to every LT member with no charge to them. This certification is good for three years and signifies you are familiar with food safety regulations which may help in future job applications.