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Thank You for Helping us Raise the Dough


We Raised the Dough! $2,645 in total, putting us just over our $2500 goal.

In February, Campus Kitchen at UGA participated in a week-long challenge against Campus Kitchens across the country to raise the most money and awareness for our program. We did this by sharing our stories on social media, by promoting Kroger Community Rewards donations, and by reaching out to our friends, family, and alumni to support our cause. We are so glad to have so many donors and so much community support for CKUGA!

Since joining the Executive board as Treasurer last fall, this is the largest fundraiser I’ve participated in thus far. It’s been such a good time and I’ve learned so much in the process. One of my favorite aspects of participating in the fundraiser was reading all the stories from fellow students and senior clients through our “Humans of New York” style social media campaign. Our Public Relations Intern, Madison, did a wonderful job of gathering dozens of photos and quotes from our Leadership Team about why they fight hunger and what they love about CKUGA. With help from fellow interns Dhairya, Alaina and Aiden, photos and quotes from our senior clients about what Campus Kitchen means to them were also gathered during meal deliveries to clients or during beyond the meal programming. These stories were so heartfelt and it was great to hear the personal impact on our students and clients. Here are a couple of my favorite posts that appeared on o