Are you looking to volunteer with us?

Visit the volunteer page of our website to find information about and to register for volunteer opportunities. For questions about volunteering that were not answered on our website, please email us at ckuga@uga.edu.

Are you seeking an interview or information for a class or media project?

Our operations pages outline our mission, operations, programs, and impact. We appreciate at least 3 buisness days' notice for an interview request. Media inquiries can be made to ckuga@uga.edu.

Where is the Campus Kitchen at UGA located?

Our office is located at: UGA's Office of Service Learning - Public Service and Outreach Annex 1242 1/2 South Lumpkin St., Athens, GA 30601 Monday through Friday: 9am - 5pm The kitchen space we use is located at: Talmage Terrace and Lanier Gardens 801 Riverhill Drive , Athens, GA 30606

Who are Campus Kitchen's Clients?

Campus Kitchen services about 52 GRG (Grandparents-Raising-Grandchildren) families a week who are suffering from food insecurity. They are all Athens Area locals and range from individuals, medium sized families (3-4 people), and large families (5-6 people).

How can I get involved with Campus Kitchen?

The most important and accessible way to get involved with Campus Kitchen is to volunteer in our weekly food recovery, cooking, and grocery packing operations. There is no prior culinary experience needed to be involved with us. You’ll be guided through your shift by a team of UGA students. Sign up to volunteer by visiting our Engage Georgia page.

Can I become a member of Campus Kitchen?

If you’re looking for a higher level of investment in Campus Kitchen, consider applying to be a Shift Leader. The student organization of Campus Kitchen is composed of 45 Shift Leaders who work in teams to lead an operations shift each week, normally involving a commitment of 2-3 hours a week, in addition to monthly general body meetings and special events.

I'm not a UGA student. Can I still volunteer?

Absolutely! Individuals at the age 15 or older may register to volunteer. We request that those under 15 years of age consider volunteering at the UGArden Student Farm or on our delivery routes.

I'm interested in having my organization volunteer with Campus Kitchen. What do I do?

We work with dozens of student clubs and Athens organizations each year. Our operations shifts repeat each month. So, find one that suits your group and then reach out to us via email to talk about reserving a shift. We can accommodate a maximum group of 4 volunteers and normally require a month’s notice.

I'm considering volunteering with Campus Kitchen for a service-learning course. What do I need to know?

Campus Kitchen can be a great fit for your service-learning course. Depending on the shift, we offer opportunities throughout the day during the week and during the weekend. However, volunteers must provide their own transportation to and from their shifts.

If you are required to volunteer 10 hours or more throughout a semester, and your professor has not made prior arrangements with CKUGA staff, contact CKUGA staff via email to request permission to complete service-learning hours.

For any other questions, please email us.