We're so happy to welcome Andie Bisceglia into the Campus Kitchen family!

What inspired you to work with Campus Kitchen?

CK ties many of my loves and interests into one organization and mission. I have a background of working on farms and in environmental and agriculture education, and I am passionate about working on issues of food equity and food waste reduction in our community. So the chance to work with CK was very exciting to me, and I am very grateful to have this opportunity! 

What are you most excited for?

I am excited to get the chance to work with college students. I had the opportunity in college to work with a similar type of organization, and it has inspired me to work with issues of food security and awareness throughout my career. 

Favorite meal to cook/Favorite place to eat in Athens?

I am always experimenting in the kitchen. Right now with a 2 year old son, I have been making lots of veggie muffins for him to eat and get in his vegetables. (he will eat anything in muffin form!). My favorite place to eat in Athens is Tlaloc. I love the food there and the atmosphere! 

What is your soul veggie? 

My soul veggie is definitely broccoli.



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